Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pella's adopted!

Hey everybody-- I've got a new home! I'll be hanging with two young boys, Monty and Toby. There's also a cat, and she's pretty tough, so I will leave her alone. I get a big yard where I can chase my brothers around. I'm so happy to finally have a permanent home. I'm the oldest, so I get seniority... that means more toys for me!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

playful pella

Hi there! I thought I'd update everybody on how I'm doing.

I'm having a great time at the Guesthouse. Today I played in the yard with my foster siblings, Bruno and Bella. I looooove rolling around in the grass! It feels so good! Did I mention I was a champion racer and a mom before I retired? I just turned 9 years old, but I still like to run and play with the other greys.

Here's some updates about me:
I slept outside my crate for the first time last night without any problems.
I'm house trained.
I can do stairs without any trouble-- even wooden ones with just a small carpet tread.
When you rub my belly, my foot goes nuts! I can't help it, it feels so nice! My foster mom thinks it's hilarious.
I haven't even barked once since my arrival.
I passed another dog in the park today, and I just kept walking.

I hope somebody will decide to give me a permanent home soon! I'm a greyt catch!

Friday, July 8, 2011

pella checks in

Hi everybody! I'm San Tan Pella, Pella for short. I just checked in yesterday and so far, so good. I could get used to the home life!

Here's some information about me:

I'm a very chill girl... laid back and relaxed.
I'm not into whining or barking... so if you have thin walls or live in a condo, I would fit right in.
I like long walks, but I prefer them to be slow. I walk right next to my person without any drama.
I understand where I'm supposed to go potty.
I don't really mind if cats are around.

If you are looking for a mellow, easygoing hound, won't you please consider me? Call Denise at Greyhound Rescue: 304-229-4944.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

bella = adopted!

guess what, guys? i found the perfect home. my foster mom is now my mom! i can't stop smiling about it! she's already bought me a new harness, two collars, and a fancy new LL bean bed of my very own! i'm the luckiest girl around. :) :) :) :) :)

hoping to see everybody at the GR picnic!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


good morning everybody-- it's true, i'm a little bit nervous. but here's a video of me smiling!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

love me, love me!

my foster mom says i'm getting more affectionate every day. this morning while she was rubbing behind my ears, i stuck out my paw out to say "more, more!" i'm turning into a real love bug, she says. when she comes home, i always smile in that special greyhound way.

i'm still a little shy about eating. my foster mom makes sure my foster brother's not around. usually i get my food and treats in a separate room. he's not a bully but he forgets his manners sometimes.

here's a video starring me and hank the cat!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bienvenue, bella la belle!

bonjour, je m'appelle belle! actually my name is fanatic bella. i'm afraid of vampires, werewolves, cats, and people carrying objects in their hands. and my foster mom's afraid of anything that's trendy like the twilight vampire movie with the girl called bella. so she calls me belle! c'est magnifique!

i was really scared of everything at first, but i'm getting better! today my foster mom put her hand out to pet me, and i didn't lie down on the floor in a submissive position.

right now, my big foster brother bruno is my best buddy. he doesn't like sharing his bed, but he lets me do it anyway. this way i get to lie against the wall with him in front of me, protecting me from the scary big orange cat who sometimes hisses at me. (i don't like the cat but i leave him alone!).

did i mention i have a diamond on my head? sometimes she calls me "lady di" for diamond. i hope i can be a real princess someday!

check out my video while i take a nap on this cozy bed! au revoir!

~ bella/belle/lady di