Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bienvenue, bella la belle!

bonjour, je m'appelle belle! actually my name is fanatic bella. i'm afraid of vampires, werewolves, cats, and people carrying objects in their hands. and my foster mom's afraid of anything that's trendy like the twilight vampire movie with the girl called bella. so she calls me belle! c'est magnifique!

i was really scared of everything at first, but i'm getting better! today my foster mom put her hand out to pet me, and i didn't lie down on the floor in a submissive position.

right now, my big foster brother bruno is my best buddy. he doesn't like sharing his bed, but he lets me do it anyway. this way i get to lie against the wall with him in front of me, protecting me from the scary big orange cat who sometimes hisses at me. (i don't like the cat but i leave him alone!).

did i mention i have a diamond on my head? sometimes she calls me "lady di" for diamond. i hope i can be a real princess someday!

check out my video while i take a nap on this cozy bed! au revoir!

~ bella/belle/lady di

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