Saturday, July 17, 2010

casey = adopted!

hi everybody-- i found my forever home today and i can't wait to get to know my new family! i hear they have lots of squeaky toys for me to play with and a yard where i can chase after squirrels and stuffies. later!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

glamour shots

Hi everybody-- Today my foster mom took me and my foster brother to her work and I got to meet lots of fun people! Work is awesome!!!! There are so many interesting people and smells!!! She is so lucky that she gets to hang out there!!!

We also posed for lots of pictures. We are going to appear in something called a "newsletter" for foster mom's work. They want to write all about greyhound rescue and adoption.

In other news, I got an owie. I jumped up and scraped my chest on a stone bench when I came down. I cried a little but mom told me to be a big boy. Bruises make me look tough. RARRR!!!! I'M A BIG TOUGH GREYHOUND!!!! RARRRR.... Did I scare you? Hee hee!

Mom will post pictures of the photo shoot later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Q and A with payday casey

Greyhound Guesthouse: Hi Casey, thanks for agreeing to talk to us.

Casey: No problem. It's nice to sniff you.

GG: So, Casey. We hear you're up for adoption. How would you describe yourself?

C: I'm a ladies man. Also, I enjoy toys that squeak.

GG: Ladies, and squeaky toys. OK. What are you looking for in a forever home?

C: A nice lady that I can follow around. Someone who won't mind if I wait outside the bathroom door while she goes. Someone who won't leave me alone for too long. Lots of stuffies that I can squeak all day. And I would also like a frisbee.

GG: A frisbee? Do you chase frisbees?

C: Yes, I do.

GG: Do you fetch them?

C: Sometimes. If the mood strikes me.

GG: What should potential adopters know about you?

C: My foster mom calls me "Evel Knievel" because I like to jump down the stairs all at once. What can I say? Extreme sports are my thing. Oh, and I'm a champion walker. "One and done", my foster mom says.

GG: Good to know. Are you cat-friendly?

C: Every time I see them, they run away! I just want to say hello.

GG: Thanks for the chat, Casey. Good luck with those cats, and good luck finding your forever home!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

payday casey in da house!!!

hi everyone! i just arrived at the guesthouse and guess what? I LOVE STUFFIES. where have you been all my life????!??!??!!!