Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Q and A with payday casey

Greyhound Guesthouse: Hi Casey, thanks for agreeing to talk to us.

Casey: No problem. It's nice to sniff you.

GG: So, Casey. We hear you're up for adoption. How would you describe yourself?

C: I'm a ladies man. Also, I enjoy toys that squeak.

GG: Ladies, and squeaky toys. OK. What are you looking for in a forever home?

C: A nice lady that I can follow around. Someone who won't mind if I wait outside the bathroom door while she goes. Someone who won't leave me alone for too long. Lots of stuffies that I can squeak all day. And I would also like a frisbee.

GG: A frisbee? Do you chase frisbees?

C: Yes, I do.

GG: Do you fetch them?

C: Sometimes. If the mood strikes me.

GG: What should potential adopters know about you?

C: My foster mom calls me "Evel Knievel" because I like to jump down the stairs all at once. What can I say? Extreme sports are my thing. Oh, and I'm a champion walker. "One and done", my foster mom says.

GG: Good to know. Are you cat-friendly?

C: Every time I see them, they run away! I just want to say hello.

GG: Thanks for the chat, Casey. Good luck with those cats, and good luck finding your forever home!


  1. Hi There,

    My husband and I visited Denise's place this past Friday and we met Casey shortly after he arrived. He was very sweet and surely one we were considering adopting. Denise wanted us to adopt that day but we were not ready. Since then we have thought about him alot. He was wonderful on the leash and very much a gentleman. My husband checked the we site today and saw he was still up for adoption. How is he doing with the cats? We have cats and our last Grey adored them. Is he doing any better on the stairs? We don't have many - just the ones that go to our bedroom. If you could share a little more about him we would be interested in learning more about his personality. Thanks so much!


  2. Hi Cindy--
    He's a great dog and so much fun! He loves to play and sometimes gets a little rowdy. I can't say for sure about the cats. When the cats are still he ignores them, but when they run past he barks and they hide. I think with some more work, he should be fine.
    He's getting better with the stairs.
    I will bring him to Manassas for the Meet 'n Greet.

  3. Hi Corrine,

    Great to hear back from you. Would it be possible for you to email me @ Cindyluhu@gmail.com? I would like to ask you to call me but don't want to post my number on the blog. That way I could tell you a bit about our household and you can give me some feedback about how you feel he will fit in. Thanks - Cindy

  4. HI Corrine,

    Just checking in. Saw your blog today. Sounds like he is doing well. I do have a few more questions but was hoping you would have time to email me. If you have any doubts please contact Denise to verify who I am. This forum is kind of strange. Anyway, Jeff will be out to see Casey Saturday.


  5. Hi-- I sent you an email yesterday at that address w my cell #. Again today just to make sure. Call anytime.

  6. Corrine,

    My CORRECT email is cinsmith@gmail.com. Jeff forgot your phone number at work. Can you email me again with your number so we can chat. Thanks. Cindy.