Wednesday, July 14, 2010

glamour shots

Hi everybody-- Today my foster mom took me and my foster brother to her work and I got to meet lots of fun people! Work is awesome!!!! There are so many interesting people and smells!!! She is so lucky that she gets to hang out there!!!

We also posed for lots of pictures. We are going to appear in something called a "newsletter" for foster mom's work. They want to write all about greyhound rescue and adoption.

In other news, I got an owie. I jumped up and scraped my chest on a stone bench when I came down. I cried a little but mom told me to be a big boy. Bruises make me look tough. RARRR!!!! I'M A BIG TOUGH GREYHOUND!!!! RARRRR.... Did I scare you? Hee hee!

Mom will post pictures of the photo shoot later.

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