Thursday, May 20, 2010

i found my forever home!

Hi y'all, Georgia here. I just found my forever home. Can't wait to check out the new pad. Later y'all!

call me sleepyhead

Hi y'all. Just had a delicious breakfast of kibble and I feel a nap coming on.

Just letting y'all know that I slept through the night on the fleece bed! Well, almost... I woke my foster mom up because I had to go potty. For some reason, she thinks that's awesome. She has also convinced me to stop barking at the cats. She says that the next project is getting me to walk next to her on the leash. Whatever, it all smells so interesting! I just can't get enough of the awesome smells!

Georgia over 'n out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

look, i'm a cockroach!

Hi y'all. I just had breakfast and here's a quick note before naptime. These L.L. Bean beds sure are cozy, and I hope there's one waiting for me at my forever home. The fleece-top one is my favorite.

BTW, mom says I do a great cockroach impression. You can be the judge of that!

Later all, it's naptime!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

georgia red checking in

Hi y'all. It's me, Georgia Red. Just got in this morning! What a long drive!

Let me introduce myself... I am a cute red girl with a grey/black muzzle and ears. My fur is tweed, red with a little black mixed in. I have one of those tails that's always wagging! I love meeting people! Also, I have a lot of opinions and I like to express them. So if you are looking for a quiet flower, I may not be your type. This is embarrassing, but mom asked me to tell you that I have not had an accident in the house. I am not sure about these cat things. They don't seem to like when I sniff at them. But they smell so interesting! More on that later.

My brother Bruno and I went on a fun walk to the park and now it's time for a nap... more later!