Tuesday, May 18, 2010

georgia red checking in

Hi y'all. It's me, Georgia Red. Just got in this morning! What a long drive!

Let me introduce myself... I am a cute red girl with a grey/black muzzle and ears. My fur is tweed, red with a little black mixed in. I have one of those tails that's always wagging! I love meeting people! Also, I have a lot of opinions and I like to express them. So if you are looking for a quiet flower, I may not be your type. This is embarrassing, but mom asked me to tell you that I have not had an accident in the house. I am not sure about these cat things. They don't seem to like when I sniff at them. But they smell so interesting! More on that later.

My brother Bruno and I went on a fun walk to the park and now it's time for a nap... more later!

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