Sunday, July 10, 2011

playful pella

Hi there! I thought I'd update everybody on how I'm doing.

I'm having a great time at the Guesthouse. Today I played in the yard with my foster siblings, Bruno and Bella. I looooove rolling around in the grass! It feels so good! Did I mention I was a champion racer and a mom before I retired? I just turned 9 years old, but I still like to run and play with the other greys.

Here's some updates about me:
I slept outside my crate for the first time last night without any problems.
I'm house trained.
I can do stairs without any trouble-- even wooden ones with just a small carpet tread.
When you rub my belly, my foot goes nuts! I can't help it, it feels so nice! My foster mom thinks it's hilarious.
I haven't even barked once since my arrival.
I passed another dog in the park today, and I just kept walking.

I hope somebody will decide to give me a permanent home soon! I'm a greyt catch!

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